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Thrive on Plants

  • 4 weeks of ongoing support to help you 

    • guide you through healthy plantbased eating  
    • discover intuitive eating and create habits that will help you let go of any restricitions, overeating patterns and unhealthy mindset around the food 
    • to create healthy relationship with a food 
    • let go of counting calories and macros ( if you currently do ) 
    • to make a peace with all food and let go of dieting 
    • to learn how to listen to your body's cravings 
    • to learn how to eat based on your pesonal goals 


    What's included ? 

    • Initial questionnaire that you will receive after signing up 
    • Initial 1-1 1 hour skype consultation 
    • Weekly 1 hour online skype sessions
    • 24/7 support through e-mail, whattsapp, skype etc.