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Thrive Fully - 4 weeks

  • Thrive on Plants, Thrive on Movement & Thrive on Simple*(recipe e-book)  programmes combined all in one 

    If you are looking for changing your lifestyle and feel your best then this is combination of programmes right for you ! 

    4-weeks of on-going constant support to help you change your daily habits and create healthy lifestyle permanently!

    No dieting, no restrictions just simple healthy changes that will help you reach your goals, feel better and train effectively ! 

    What's included ? 

    • Initial questionnaire that you will receive after signing up
    • 1-1 hour initial skype consultation to get to know you better and find out how we can work together in most effective way 
    • Weekly 1-1 1 hour sessions to help you guide you through exercise form, inuitive eating and healthy lifestyle habits.
    • 4 - weeks of workouts personalized just for you that are fun, progressive, effective and customized for you and your enviroment /equipment that you have available. 
    • Guidance through intuitive eating to help you overcome unhealthy relationship with a food, help you to connect with your body and learn to listen to its needs. 
    • 24/7 ongoing support through skype, whatsapp, e-mails for any arising questions

    * as soon as it is available