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Thrive on Movement

  • This is 4 - weeks of personalized training made specifically for your goals ! 

    No matter if you are beginner/advanced or just looking to spark up your current training I can create personalized programme just for you that will

    • be fun and you won't get bored of
    • help you reach your specific goals
    • challenge you every workout in a week  

    The programme can be customized for gym/ home/outdoor enviroment with or without any equipment ! It all depends on your preferences. 

    What's included ? 

    • Initial questionnaire that you will receive after signing up 
    • 1 hour initial skype consultation - to get to know you better and find out what type of programme would be the most suitable for you
    • 4- weeks of progressive training programme
    • 3 - 6 workouts a week depending on your current fitness levels and your personal goals.
    • online, e-mail or skype support for any needed support with any arising questions, adjustions of plan or exercise form.