Through out my childhood I have suffered with recurring infections and was consistently taking courses of antibiotics pretty much every other week which have left me with weakened immunity for years. Healing my body has taken time and I have had to work hard to get my immunity stronger.

On this journey I have discovered some of the most effective food, supplements and different practises that helped me to boost my immunity.

And even nowadays being active and healthy diet is definitely sometimes not enough to support my body.

That's why I try to incorporate below supplements, foods and practises into my lifestyle especially in winter months :

TURMERIC - is spice coming from turmeric plant with bitter taste. Turmeric has got amazing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help your body to fight infections.

CINNAMON - possibly my favourite spice ever has got as well antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and as a bonus helps to balance blood sugar levels as well. Make sure you use Ceylon

( the real one ) cinnamon to get all the benefits.

GINGER - help to inhibit growth of bacterias so win win for boosting immunity + it gives great kick to meals, spiced hot drinks and tea.

ELDERBERRY - is recommended by many health professionals to ease off flu or cold symptoms. I love to buy fresh juice that I throughly sip on during winter months.

ECHINACEA - is widely known to help immune system and body's response to fight off infections. I use echinacea drops mixed in water during colds as additional support.

VITAMIN C - is one of those vitamins that you can easily get from diet by eating variety of fruit and vegetables. Great sources are for example broccoli, oranges, papaya, peppers, cantaloupe, pineapple, kale, kiwis, lemons etc. During winter months I tend to supplement as well.

BERRIES - antioxidants rich foods you want to implement in your diet daily. In winter months I love to stock up on frozen organic berries and add these to my oatmeals and smoothies.

GREENS - eat your greens everyday, they are rich in vitamins and minerals and they will certainly support your immunity

GARLIC - contains compounds that helps to fight germs. I love adding garlic to most of my savoury meals !

ACV - apple cider vinegar is fermented therefore it contains beneficial bacteria and prebiotics supporting immunity and helps to fight off pathogens. I love to drink one tbsp of acv diluted in water with some lemon especially when I am fighting off the cold.

ZINC RICH FOODS - zinc is amazing mineral for immunity. Incroporating foods that contains zinc into your daily diet will do trick. Seeds, nuts, legumes and whole grains are go to foods !

SELENIUM RICH FOODS - Brazil nuts are your go to source. One a day contains enough of recommended dose.

VITAMIN D - my favourite one- SUNSHINE ! But if there is lack of it I do tend do supplement with vegan vitamin D drops.

vitamin LOWER your stress levels - sometimes tricky one but grabbing your favourite book, tuning into favourite podcast or meditating can help you get those cortisol levels under control.

MOVEMENT - as mentioned above movement is a big part of my life, but putting lot of stress on my body by overexercising can easily weaken my immunity, that's why keeping balanced training is a key for my body.

Don't forget eating variety of whole foods for optimal digestion also does play huge role in supporting your immunity.

Note - When it comes to supplements we are all so individual ,some of spices or supplements can interfere with medications and are not suitable for everyone so please check with health professional before taking any.

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