28 days to healthier and more positive you 

What is this challenge about ? 

Purpose of this health challenge is to create small daily habits that will improve your overall wellbeing. 

I believe all goals we set ourselves are achieved with consistency and daily habits that we develop over time. 

That's why challenging yourself to be consistent can bring positive impact into our life ! 

6 main health pillars that are included in challenge explained 

  • Meditation : finding time to connect with breath and let go of any thoughts will keep your mind calmer and clearer. Practise minimum of 5 min of meditation a day 

  • Movement : implementing daily movement in form of exercise, walking, training or fun activities for 30 min a day will leave you feeling energised and improve your fitness

  • Hydration : our body is primarily made out of water ! That's why keeping it hydrated is key to feeling better. Keeping Hydration can for example improve your skin, digestion and overall energy levels. Try drinking at least 2 l of water a day! 

  • Stretch/ Yoga : implementing mobility, stretching and yoga can help lymphatic system to keep things moving and flush out any toxins. As bonus you also will feel more connected with your body and free of stiffness! Even 10 min a day can make huge impact ! 

  • Positive Mindset : we create out own reality based on thoughts we think and our attitude towards different situation. Try swapping every negative thought with positive and your whole mindset will change. 

  • Nourishing Food : eating mostly plant based nourishing food is what will fuel your body with nourishment and lasting energy. You don't need to go vegan just implementing more plant based meals will make big impact ! Challenge yourself to eat at least 2 nourishing meals a day !  

This challenge is not to be about being perfect! It is about creating small daily changes and doing the best you can to feel your best ! 

Download your free challenge checklist here and start ticking off ! 


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